A device that detects corona infection days before symptoms appear


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Researchers from Stanford University in America have developed a simple device that gives wearer an early warning of infection with Corona virus, days before symptoms of disease appear.

The researchers presented Fitbit device as part of a sis in which y study wher wearable technology can help fight epidemic, although a person infected with Coronavirus may not exhibit clear symptoms such as coughing or losing sense of smell for up to 5 days, but that There is an occasional period during which body may emit signals suggesting injury.

Scientists collected data from 106 device wearers, 25 of whom were diagnosed with virus between February and June of last year, while 11 had or diseases, and 70 of m did not suffer from any disease.

The team measured heart rate at rest and looked for anomalies, as a change in heart rate at rest could indicate that immune system is preparing to fight an infection. The researchers put this data into a system that would be captured when wearer’s heart rates were eir significantly low or high.

Based on results, an algorithm was created that detected heart rate disturbances in 14 (56%) of 25 patients with coronavirus in days before symptoms began. Heart rates began to change 7 days before onset of symptoms, which may mean that virus begins to change vital elements of body as soon as a person is infected, and se changes did not appear in only two of people infected with virus.

And while Fitbit cannot necessarily be accurate in every case because everyone has a different heart rate at rest it may be an important additional tool in fighting virus, and given its ability to alert patients to ir infection with virus, it may help limit spread. Major disease, according to British Metro website.

Source : vistabuzz

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