A major malfunction affects the cloud computing service of “Amazon” in the United States


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Amazon Web Service (AWS), a subsidiary of the giant “Amazon”, which specializes in cloud computing services adapted to the needs of companies and individuals, suffered a technical failure, according to a post on its website.

The problem affects many companies that rely on AWS’s Internet services.

AWS indicated in an updated post on its website that it had noticed “improvements” as it sought to solve the problem within “a few hours”.

A spokesperson for “Amazon” said that the problem stems from “Kinesis”, which is a real-time data transmission service that has “witnessed an increase in the rate of errors, which affected other services at AWS.”

According to some media, the New York Underground was affected by this problem as well.

And CNBC reported that Adobe was affected by the malfunction, but not Apple and Slack.

“It is impossible for customers to write down or read data on Kinesis,” the AWS publication said. The company did not clarify if this holiday affects countries other than the United States.

AWS indicates on its website that it offers “more than 175 complete services from data centers worldwide” and that “millions of customers, including startups from the most dynamic in the world and large groups and federal agencies, use AWS.” To reduce costs and accelerate innovation. “

Source : vistabuzz

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