A new technique to get rid of shoulder pain using radiation


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A study presented Monday during annual meeting of Radiation Medicine Society of North America revealed an amazing technique that reduces pain by at least 70% in people with moderate to severe arthritis in hip and shoulder joints.

The researchers said that this method, called cryoablation with radial frequency, relies on placing needles on main sensory nerves around shoulder and hip joints, before directing a lowgrade current known as radial frequency, which slows transmission of pain to brain.

The researchers emphasized that this procedure could help dispense with potentially addictive opioidbased painkillers in people with moderate to severe arthritis pain.

“We want to explore efficacy of treatment on patients in or areas such as amputations and cancer surgeries,” said Gonzalez, professor of radiology at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

Historically, people with moderate to severe pain associated with osteoporosis had limited treatment options, including injections of corticosteroids into affected joints, which tend to become less effective as arthritis progresses and worsens, possibly necessitating joint replacement, according to Gonzalez. And colleagues.

During study, 23 people suffering from severe joint pain were treated with new technique. Participants who suffer from shoulder pain reported a decrease in pain by 85%, while people who suffered from hip pain reported a decrease in ir pain by 70%, according to website “UBI” website.

Source : vistabuzz

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