A patent reveals a foldable clamshell phone from Huawei


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The Chinese giant, Huawei, has registered a patent for a new design for foldable phones, as the new version features a clamshell design and comes at a lower cost to the markets.

Huawei is preparing to develop a new version of foldable phones, but the company’s next release will adopt the clamshell design to offer a less expensive version of the company’s premium versions of the Mate X series.

The patent reports indicate that this version comes with a top and bottom cover, and the outer cover contains dual camera settings, and the phone supports 5G networks.

The Huawei clamshell phone also comes with a small external screen that mimics the secondary screen of the Mate X phone, but this version is characterized by smaller dimensions and structure, and expectations indicate that the secondary screen in the phone mimics the screen of the Meizu Pro 7.

Also, the design of this version differs from the Galaxy Z Flip, where the Huawei clamshell phone comes with a distinctive interface with screens with a secondary external screen, and the camera comes alongside the secondary screen with a vertical design.

This design joins another patent registered from Huawei during the last period, where another patent was spotted last July with a design that mimics the Huawei Flip phone, but the secondary screen design in the new Huawei phone comes in a larger size.

On the other hand, the front camera does not appear on the Huawei clamshell phone, so it is expected that this version will come with a built-in camera at the bottom of the screen, and the screen breaks in the Huawei phone will completely disappear when you open the phone cover.

The phone also includes two buttons on the left side, and the power button comes on the left side, but the pictures do not reveal the details of the phone ports, or the speakers and headphones.

It is mentioned that this design is still in its initial stages of design, so it can not be confirmed now that the phone will move to the implementation stage soon, but Huawei is continuing its plans to develop new versions of smartphones during the coming period.

Source : vistabuzz

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