A precious ISIS hunting in the grip of the Iraqi security apparatus


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Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service forces arrested the terrorist responsible for the “child recruitment detachment” for the Wahhabi “ISIS” group in Fallujah.

A statement by the Spokesman for the Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Major General Yahya Rasoul, stated that “the heroes in the Counter-Terrorism Service, after distinguished efforts and with a unique operation and according to accurate intelligence information, were able to arrest the terrorist (M.H) responsible for the“ child recruitment detachment ”in favor of ISIS criminal gangs, in Fallujah district, as legal measures have been taken against him. “

He added, “The Counter-Terrorism Service continues to strike at the strengths of ISIS terrorist gangs in order to dry up the sources of extremism and takfir and the brainwashers represented by the remnants of defeated ISIS leaders who are trying to establish a solid terrorist base in the future by exploiting children with their malicious terrorist intentions that wreak corruption and criminality in Iraqi lands and neighboring countries. “.

Source : vistabuzz

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