A revolutionary saltcoated face mask to effectively kill viruses


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A Canadian researcher has developed a revolutionary face mask that contains a layer of saline solution that dissolves droplets containing Corona virus before y can reach face.

Ilaria Rubino, a recent PhD from Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at University of Alberta in Canada, said saline and aqueous solution covering first or middle layer of mask will dissolve droplets before y can penetrate face cover.

According to Rubino, evaporation of liquid causes salt crystals to grow again, which act as a thorny weapon that destroys bacteria or virus within a time not exceeding five minutes.

Rubino, who collaborated with a researcher at Georgia State University in Atlanta to develop project she started five years ago, has been honored with an innovation award from nonprofit Mitacs Foundation, which receives funding from federal government and most Canadian provinces.

The mask made of polypropylene, which is used in surgical masks, is characterized by possibility of wearing and handling it safely several times without being disinfected, in addition to its use to prevent spread of infectious diseases, including Corona virus and influenza.

It is expected that mask coated with salt will be commercially available next year after approval by competent authorities, according to newspaper “CBC” online.

Source : vistabuzz

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