Accessories for safe use of smartphones with motorcycles


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The company “SB Connect” launched a new group of accessories, aimed at the safe use of smart phones while driving motorcycles.

The company decided to expand the production of protective and fixed covers for smartphones on bicycles to include Apple “iPhone 12” with its various models (Pro, Pro Max and Mini).

Weather Covers are also available in sizes suitable for the new iPhones.

Glass screen protector
The Glass Screen Protector is available for models 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini, 11 Pro / XS / X, 11 Pro Max / XS Max and 11 / XR SE / 8/7, and it has good scratch and heat resistance.

Bicycle phone holders
When a suitable smartphone cover is available, the phone can simply be placed on the SP Connect holder connected to the handlebars of the motorcycle, and then rotated once 90 degrees to secure it safely.

The “Break Mount” handlebar is specially designed for large bikes such as the Yamaha T-Max, Honda Forza or BMW C-Class. The bracket is mounted directly over the brake fluid reservoir and can be adjusted at a 72-degree angle.

The “Moto Mount LT” model is suitable for smaller bikes, while the “Bar Clamp Mount Pro Chrome” is distinguished by its body made of chrome-coated aluminum.

When you want to mount a smartphone to the motorcycle without a cover, you can rely on the “Universal Phone Clamp” to fix the smartphone directly on the handlebar.

Source : vistabuzz

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