Activists accuse the Saudi Telecom Company of spying on citizens


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The company explained its request that this procedure helps it provide the best service to its customers, without further explanation.

Activists said that linking the account to “Twitter” means access to activists’ information, and thus providing the authorities with it; What may cause harm to them.

The Saudi authorities are arresting many activists against the background of tweets criticizing the situation and the current approach of the Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that many of the detainees used to write under fake names, but the authorities were able to obtain their identities through various methods.

The most prominent of those accounts, an account called “Kashkool”, media said that the authorities accused the prominent writer “Turki Al-Jasser” of standing behind him, and arrested him in March 2018, and there were many reports of his death in mysterious circumstances inside the prison.

The Saudi government is accused of using employees, some of them Saudi, inside the “Twitter” company to obtain information about the activities of dissidents abroad.

The Kingdom is using its strong relationship with the UAE to benefit from the information at the Twitter regional office in Dubai.

Source : vistabuzz

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