Al-Alam Correspondent talks about Beirut’s atmosphere on the anniversary of the Lebanese protests


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Our colleague Hussein Ezz El-Din said that after a year had passed since the popular and demand protests in Lebanon, there was a limitation of gatherings in Martyrs Square, but the numbers of protesters according to the calls that had been issued days ago were not as large as this call.

Our correspondent added, that these gatherings have dispersed into more than one group, one of which went to the Association of Banks, and the other towards other streets, and the other towards the port of Beirut, provided that all of them met at the outskirts of the port, to light candles, and announce the demands for which they were presented on the 17th of the year. Last year.

And our correspondent indicated that those gatherings used to raise the usual slogans and which witnessed divisions among them, as some used to raise political slogans, and the other raised slogans of financial and livelihood demands, so that the compass would not be lost, while others used to say whoever wanted to take these moves without direction, he is outside The scope of this popular movement.

Al-Alam’s correspondent considered that these divisions caused these protests not to rise to the level required for the calls that were launched some time before this occasion.

Details in the attached video …

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