Al-Fath: Burning the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party is unacceptable


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The World – Iraq

The spokesman for the coalition, MP Ahmad Al-Asadi, said in a broadcast to Al-Iraqiya News Channel, that burning the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Baghdad is unacceptable, pointing out that “the Kurdistan flag is respected and we reject attacking it as it represents a symbol of Iraqi Kurdistan.

He added that the PMF’s statement mentioned that all headquarters are respected, and that Iraqi Kurdistan is part of the Iraqi people and we respect them just as we respect the flags, addresses, political and social symbols, ”indicating that the attack and burning the Kurdistan flag is condemned and personal behavior is unacceptable.

Immediately after the events in Baghdad, the Popular Mobilization Authority announced its rejection of acts of “violence and sabotage.” And sabotage in any way. “

The statement added, “We call on everyone to preserve the prestige of the state, societal peace and respect for security men in this sensitive situation.”

For his part, Hoshyar Zebari confirmed today that the sacrifices of the Popular Mobilization Forces in defeating ISIS and terrorism elements cannot be denied, in a statement that some interpreted as an apology from his previous statements and that it came too late.

Hundreds of Iraqis gathered, this morning, Saturday, in front of the fifth branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in the center of the capital, Baghdad, to condemn Hoshyar Zebari’s recent statements against the resistance forces that fought ISIS and terrorists and contributed to defeating them significantly.

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