Among US game and its gameplay


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Although Among US is not as recent as some people think, as it was launched in 2018, it has inexplicably become one of the most popular games in the world during the current year 2020.

While technology experts and specialists believeVideo games The reason for the popularity of the game at the present time is due to the online platforms that broadcast games such as Streamers, Twitch and even Facebook, which contributed to raising its popularity.

What is Among US? How do you play it?

The principle of the game is based on team play through the participation of a group of friends “online” on the Internet, starting with at least 4 people and up to 10 people.

The game with a simple graphic design takes place inside a space station that crashes in space, so you and your friends are assigned a number of tasks to fix it within a specific time.

But you have to be careful as there are one or two people in your group who are “fraudsters” who are chosen randomly before the start of the game and seek to sabotage everything that you fix and in the end kill you and kill your friends, and in order to win the game you have to expose them and kill them as well.

The most difficult thing in the game is how you try to convince the rest of your colleagues that you are with them and you are not one of these fraudsters, which gives the game a wonderful and enjoyable atmosphere.

During the game, several meetings take place between players, so when a crew member discovers a dead body, he calls a meeting, at which point all players are allowed to talk to each other for a limited time.

During these discussions, the crew needs to try to identify the fraudster (the fraudsters) by comparing excuses and reporting on other players who appear to be acting suspiciously: “What was this person doing near the crime scene, and why could that person not remember the mission that was He was working on it apparently?

Accusations fly, makeshift alliances form and tremendous lies are told throughout, sessions often descend into chaotic screaming matches, with players exaggerating their moves around the ship.

Then a vote is taken, one player is ejected from the spaceship’s air locker, and the others discover whether they have just saved themselves from certain death or the murder of an innocent co-worker.

If their decision was correct, they win the round, and if it is wrong, they lose the person who kicked him out and continue playing.

As the game continues, the paranoia grows among them, as crew members can use security cameras to spy on others, while fraudsters can use air ducts to infiltrate.

And while there are traditional video game goals to be achieved – crew members can win the game if they complete all the tasks assigned to them before everyone dies – this is basically a game about acting, or more accurately, a game about lying to your friends.

The impostors win when not detected and kicked out of the game and when the primary team fails to fix the vehicle.

Of course, the number of fraudsters in each game varies according to the number of players, so if the players are 4, for example, one trickster will be chosen, but if the players are 10, then 3 cheaters will be selected at most, and the game contains 3 maps that you can choose between.

You can play online with all players or with your friends only by creating a room in the application and inviting them to it, or you can play with your friends if you are next to each other via Hotspot.

The game also contains a chat feature between players, an important feature that is used during meetings in which it is decided to expel one of them.

Among Us download

If you use smartphones then you are lucky that you can download the game for free.

To download the game to the Apple Store app for iOS users Here.

To download the game on the Google Play app for users of Android phones Here.

If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, you can download the game on Windows via Steam, at a price of $ 4.99.

Notice: The beauty of the game is the way it allows players to take advantage of the personality traits of their friends and take advantage of their nervousness, so we recommend that you play with your family or friends.

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