An American in her thirties at the height of cruelty … this is her fate


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According to the British newspaper “The Independent”, Alyssa Davot, a mother of two children, was convicted of murder and child abuse.

The mother faces a prison sentence of 20 years and life without the possibility of release for each of the two infants she killed in South Carolina.

A judicial committee said that in 2017 and 2018, the mother hidden her pregnancies from everyone, including her boyfriend and mother, and when she gave birth, she placed the two victims in a waste bag.

In previous interviews with the police, the mother said that her daughter was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, resulting in her death in November 2017.

She added that she fainted for a period of time in December 2018 when she gave birth to her other son, and when she woke up she found him dead and threw the body away.

However, the forensic experience refuted the mother’s statements and revealed that the infant released feces associated with the children at birth, and it is likely that he died as a result of being placed in a bag and the lack of oxygen.

The crime was not discovered until days after the birth of 2018 due to a rupture resulting from labor, when I went to the hospital, doctors discovered that the placenta had been removed from its place.

When doctors asked the woman about the reason for this change in the placenta, she did not respond and preferred to remain silent, which raised their suspicions and prompted them to call the police.

Following the summons, she admitted to having put the son in a garbage bag and said she had done the same with her daughter a year before.

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