An American university withdraws an honorary doctorate from Trump’s lawyer


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Middlebury College confirmed in a statement that it had taken a decision to cancel the degree awarded to Giuliani in 2005, and his office was informed of this matter.

The college president, Laurie Patton, accused Giuliani of “fomenting a violent uprising on the Capitol and a revolt against democracy itself.”

Giuliani is one of several Trump allies who have repeated unfounded allegations about the fraud in the presidential election, which was won by Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives began discussing legislation to hold Trump accountable for the second time during his term, after the failure of the previous initiative in 2019.

The Democrats, who dominate in the House of Representatives, accuse Trump of fomenting the revolt with a speech, which he gave on January 6 and is widely considered to have urged his supporters to storm Congress in an event that killed 5 people.

If passed, the bill on impeachment of Trump will send the document to the Senate, which is dominated by Republicans.

Source : vistabuzz

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