Apple officially unveils the iPhone 12 series … the new you


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Apple officially unveils the iPhone 12 series … the new you

The US company Apple announced four new iPhones In a hypothetical event Tuesday – iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and the new and smaller iPhone 12 mini.

All phones are equipped with 5G technology, which means that it can connect to next-generation high-speed wireless networks, and at the same time it is the first American Apple phone to have this technology.

“This is a great moment for all of us and we’re really excited,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook at the start of the event.

The American apple hopes that its historically loyal user base will continue to spend big money for promotion, even as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the economy and force millions to stay home.

Apple officially unveils the iPhone 12 series … the new you

Apple officially unveils the iPhone 12 series .. Here

The cheapest phone in the new range – the iPhone 12 mini – starts at $ 699, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max – which houses the largest 6.7-inch Apple smartphone screen – will start at $ 1,099. IPhone 12 and 12 Pro will be available for pre-order on October 16 and in stores on October 23.

IPhone 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will be available for pre-order on November 6 and in stores on November 11.

The iPhone 12 comes in five colors – black, white, red, green and blue – which is thinner, smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the iPhone 11, the company said, and it also features an upgraded XDR screen and a new, tougher glass on top of the screen that Apple calls Ceramic Shield.


Apple officially unveils the iPhone 12 series .. Here

IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini will have two cameras on the back, while 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will add a third camera.

Add Camel Also various software improvements to phones that will enable features such as night mode snapshots.

In order for Apple to brace for a potential knock in battery life from faster cellular speeds, the company said the iPhone 12 will automatically detect when your phone does not need 5G and switch to the slower LTE network to save battery life.

The latest iPhones are powered by the new A14 Bionic chip, which the company prides itself on being “the fastest … in any smartphone”.

Apple will ship the iPhone 12 without headphones or a charging device, a move aimed at reducing waste, said Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, that more than 2 billion Apple power adapters exist in the world, and many customers already have wired headphones. Or AirPods.

“Removing these elements also means a smaller and lighter iPhone case,” she added. “We can save up to 70% of the items on the cargo platform,” which reduces freight emissions.

The new iPhone also uses 100% recycled rare earth elements, including cameras and touch devices.

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