Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro undergoes durability tests. Will it hold up?


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One of the famous YouTube channels – which specializes in durability tests – subjected the newly launched iPhone 12 Pro to a number of tests, including burning and bending, as well as scratching with sharp tools.

And a channel has started JerryRigEverything Known to be one of the most “extreme” channels in durability testing – the test is by opening the phone box, then indicating the charger has been removed from the box, and wireless charging is supported.

Then the test began by scratching the external screen, which was able to withstand up to the sixth level of deliberate scratching with a sharp metal tool, but at the seventh level, the scratches began to appear clearly on the screen, and the channel indicated that the protection layer that the company calls Ceramic Shield and says: It is 4 times stronger From any glass in smartphones, I was scratched like the glass in other phones. The frame of (iPhone 12 Pro) made of stainless steel has withstand the scratch, and was difficult to scratch.

The back of (iPhone 12 Pro), which is also protected with a layer of glass, may bear the scratch using the blade, while other things, such as plastic, coins, and keys, have left some trace on the glass that is removed by hand. But the glass covering the three rear cameras was affected at the eighth level of scratching.

As for the burn test, the phone was strong enough to withstand the intentional burning of the screen, as after 60 seconds of exposure to the lighter fire, no trace appeared on the screen. And even though the glass is inclined; Other than metal or plastic, it may break, but JerryRigEverything’s attempts to bend the device have been unsuccessful.

It is noteworthy that Apple had announced the iPhone 12 Pro – along with three other phones, namely: (iPhone 12), (iPhone 12 mini), and (iPhone 12 Pro Max) – earlier in October. October.

Source : vistabuzz

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