Beware … 6 types of eggs are worse than poison


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The Chinese site “WeChat” lists six bad types of eggs.

Raw eggs

Raw eggs contain avidin and antitrypsin, which affect the digestion and absorption of egg white by the body.

Additionally, eggs can carry bacteria that can cause diarrhea. These bacteria only kill at high temperatures, so it is advised to cook eggs before eating them.

Eggs with yolk and mixed whites

This occurs when the yolk shell is broken during transportation or mechanical damage. Also, if stored for too long, bacteria or mold can enter the egg through the pores of the shell and destroy the protein structure, causing it to mix with the yolk.

If this egg does not have a specific smell or appearance, then it can be eaten after heat treatment, for example, boiling. However, if the egg white is cloudy, bacteria are growing inside. Such an egg is completely forbidden to eat, especially if it has an unpleasant odor.

Eggs with dry yolks

The strength of the yolk shell is weakened when storing eggs in the long term, as a result of which the yolk dries up. If the yolk in this case has a natural color, then the egg can be eaten. But if, as well as blackening, the yolks completely stick to the shell, then this egg should be discarded.

Crushed eggs

Impacts during transportation, storage, or packaging can cause cracks in the eggshell. The egg becomes vulnerable to bacteria that will affect the life of the egg.

Moldy eggs

When eggs are stored in a damp or wet environment, the protective shell on the surface of the shell is damaged, which subsequently causes bacteria to penetrate and multiply inside the egg. Outwardly, this is manifested by black spots or mold. Such an egg is strictly forbidden to eat.

Chicken embryo eggs

During egg incubation, the embryonic development of chicks can be halted due to the influence of temperature, humidity, salmonella or parasites.

Not only do these eggs contain any nutrients (because they were used to develop the chicken embryo), but they can also become carriers of various bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, staphylococcus, typhoid, Proteus bacteria and others, which may lead to poisoning. Therefore, stop eating these types of eggs.

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