Biden: These elections will determine the future of democracy in America


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He wrote on “Twitter”, today, Saturday: “This election is greater than any of the candidates because it will determine the future of America’s economy, the health of Americans and the country’s position on climate change.”

He continued, “The upcoming elections will determine America’s commitment to justice among its population and the future of its democracy, in addition to many other things.”

Biden believes that the time has come to end what he describes as the “dark season”, pledging to implement a national strategy to contain the outbreak of the new Corona virus, in the United States.

The Democratic candidate warns that if President Donald Trump remains in office, the Corona injuries and deaths in the United States will remain high, small businesses will be permanently closed, and working families will continue to suffer.

The next US presidential election is scheduled to be held on November 3.

Biden is a Democrat, the most prominent competitor to the current President Donald Trump, who belongs to the Republican Party, who hopes to win a new term of office for 4 years.

Trump, the current president, and Biden, the former vice president, exchange accusations from time to time.

Biden believes that this is a difficult period in the history of America, and that Donald Trump’s angry and divisive policy is not a solution, and that the country needs leadership that can unite Americans and bring them together, while Trump says that what he did in 4 years exceeds what Joe Biden, deputy. Former president, at 40 years old.

Trump says: “Biden was part of every failed decision for decades, including bad trade agreements and wars that we could not end, and that Biden showed during his tenure in responsibility in many positions, the last of which was the former vice president, that he completely lacks The queen of leadership and that he was weak. “

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