Bishop Opens Up About His Work As A Real-Life Exorcist In An Exclusive Interview


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If you’re like me, the movie The Exorcist terrified you to your very core. When I think about the movie (that I saw at much too young of an age), I’m still a bit haunted by it some 20-odd years later. As a kid, I convinced myself that what happened in the movie actually happened in real life. It didn’t help that I knew there were a ton of people who really believed that to be true.

To this day, there are many people of faith that believe demonic possession isn’t just something that happens in movies — it’s real. So, in order to cure the people impacted, real-life exorcists also exist. Bishop Bryan Ouellette is a practicing exorcist. He handles all kinds of cases where there is a haunting or possession and therefore, an exorcist is needed.

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He also made a trip to the set of the new Conjuring film for an important reason. He blessed the cast and the crew and says they invited him back to consult.

What’s even more interesting, er, frightening, is that members of the crew said that strange things happened while they were filming. Ouelette says that it’s not all unheard of for strange events to take place on the set of horror movies. In fact, it’s fairly common.

For more on the real-life exorcist and his work, watch the video.

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