Bogati has stopped testing its second car after the company was rumored to have been sold


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The Volkswagen Group has kept all options open with its Bugatti, Lamborghini and Ducati companies.

My timing is of exceptional importance in the Volkswagen Group, and while the group is considering selling off the entire company, the work on developing a second car from my time has already stopped, but due to Corona virus, according to what my logical president Stephan Winkelmann said.

Nevertheless, Winkelmann showed some optimism about the future of my time, which has booked 80% of the cars planned to be sold in 2021. We can say that the future of the company is shrouded in some mystery that will become evident after the Volkswagen Group announced its intention for my timing in November.

It is worth noting that Bugatti sells a few cars every year, which makes it difficult to develop suitable electric motors to provide cars with similar performance to Chiron, while the continuation of fuel engines means more emissions fees for the company and even the impossibility of selling in some markets that will turn into electric cars in the coming years. .

Source : vistabuzz

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