Briana Ravers? Sprinter learns dance moves from Ding Dong


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Young Jamaicansprinter Briana Williams could very well try out to be part of Ding Dong’sRavers Clavers group after learning some dance moves from the deejay.

Sprinter Briana Williams

The two Grace Foods brand ambassadors met up for a cook-off in a new show called Chillin With Grace.

But it wasn’tall about food, as Ding Dong showed the Jamaican athlete how to do dance moveslike ‘Snapping’, ‘Flairy’ and ‘Gweh’. Being the good student that she is,Briana caught on to all the moves.

She also gaveDing Dong some track and field tips, explaining how he should be positioned inthe starting blocks.

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However, theshow wasn’t really about dancing or track and field. The two were there for acooking competition. Ding Dong prepared Grace Jerk Fish Stuffed With Callaloowhile Briana prepared Tropical Rhythms Barbeque Pork Ribs.

As theyprepared the meals, Ding Dong explained that he has been cooking since childhoodafter watching his relatives in the kitchen.

“Mi a cookfi family from mi a bout 12 or so,” he said, adding that he often preparedchicken back.

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong

Briana’s tasteis a little different, as she said that her signature dish is salmon.

But althoughDing Dong has been cooking for longer than she has been alive, it was 18-year-oldBriana who won the competition, according to host Talia Soares.

“The winnerof our cook-off today by just a half mark is Briana,” Talia said, adding that theathlete gave her an additional side dish.

Source : buzz-caribbean

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