Causes of domestic violence against children


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Domestic violence is one of the problems that have become devastating in all societies of all cultures, and one of the dangers of this type of violence is that it does not appear in public, and the offender can only be punished after submitting a complaint from the battered, but many of the violent do not submit complaints and reports, either Because of their young age or their lack of awareness, and in this article we will talk about the concept of family violence and its causes, and we will devote parts of it to talking about the causes of domestic violence against children, in addition to explaining the methods of treating domestic violence and methods of reporting it.

Domestic violence

Family violence is the most dangerous type of violence, with a severe impact on the individual and society, as it directly targets children, and it is known that childhood is the stage of human development, and a child who is exposed to violence directly, or witnesses it in his home and among his family, is more vulnerable For psychological and social problems, and he becomes aggressive and turns to violence as the first way to face his life problems.[1]

As for the concept of family violence, it differs according to the researcher’s point of view, or the party that describes domestic violence, and its forms and determinants. Family violence has been defined as a form of aggressive behavior resulting from an unequal relationship, and this relationship is related to the division and determination of the work of both Men and women within the family, and the consequent determination of the position and role of each member in the family, and this is a result of the customs and system of society, economically and socially.[1]

It has also been defined as: A pattern of aggressive behavior, based on the presence of a strong and weak party within the family, whereby the stronger party violates the rights of the weaker party, physically or verbally assaulted it. In the medical field, domestic violence has been described as: cases in which it is possible Diagnosis of injury or harm, or the intention on the part of a guardian, such as a parent or supervisor, to harm children and those under their guardianship, and intentional malnutrition was also classified as a form of domestic violence.[1]

Causes of domestic violence

The reasons and motives behind domestic violence are very many, but the existence of these causes does not justify domestic violence, as the father may be subjected to severe pressures and go through difficult periods, whether on the financial or social level, but this does not give him any right to discharge his anger on his wife and children. The following are a number of reasons and motives that often stand behind family violence and lead to its occurrence:[1]

  • Reasons and motives related to the surrounding environment, such as the existence of common societal ideas that think that a man’s violence against his wife and children is such as proving identity, showing masculinity, distinction and superiority over women.
  • Economic factors, on top of which are poverty and poverty, the lack of resources, widespread unemployment, and the lack of job opportunities; It often leads to great psychological pressure, charging the family atmosphere with anger and violence.
  • Personal reasons and factors are due to the personality of the parents, who are the most influential in the family, so the existence of a difference in awareness between a man and a woman may lead the man to abuse her and show her control over her, and family violence may also be a result of the woman’s authoritarian personality, her lack of awareness, etc. From psychological factors, and personal reasons.

Causes of domestic violence for children

Domestic violence against children is a very serious problem, and it must be fought with various means and methods, due to its catastrophic results, and targeting people in their early stages, where they are powerless, and when they are in the process of storing information and attitudes, in order to return and translate actions and actions, when they grow up and become Realizing that, and before talking about the dangers of domestic violence against children, solutions and methods of treatment for this violence, it is imperative to explain the causes of domestic violence against children.[2]

Psychological causes

The past full of family violence for the father or the mother, or both, may often result in a picture similar or similar to what they were exposed to when they were young, so a battered person may resort to violence as a means of dealing, and psychological problems, such as lack of self-respect and psychological and behavioral disorders in all their forms It may be an important underlying cause of violence against children.[2]

Economic reasons

The economic reasons have a great impact on the spread of violence in society, poverty and unemployment increase crime rates in society in general, and at the family level, children will be victims without guilt, and are exposed to various types of family violence, torture and humiliation, in addition to that poverty will deprive them of the simplest Their rights, such as their right to education and the provision of food and medicine.[2]

Social and educational reasons

The social causes stand behind many of the violent practices practiced by the father or mother against their children, as the idea of ​​punishment and humiliation is widely justified in low-culture societies, where beating is promoted as an effective education method that leads to educating the child and correcting his behavior, without considering the risks This beating and its psychological effects on children.[2]

Legal reasons

Family violence is not a spur of the moment, rather it is a social scourge that has its roots deeply in human history, and upon studying some laws and legislations throughout the ages, the researcher may find that some laws legalize and justify family violence, instead of being held accountable for it and punishing its perpetrator, but the laws in The modern era is criminalizing domestic violence, in most parts of the world, although some of these laws are not sufficiently deterrent and prohibitive.[2]

Search for domestic violence

Domestic violence is not limited to violence against children or the husband, as many homes and families witness violence against the man, the head of the family and the person responsible for it, so when the respect among family members is lost, the wife may resort to violence against her husband, and children to abuse their father, especially with the presence of situations of weakness and disability. In the parent’s physical condition, as a result of a specific disease or injury, or as a result of aging, children can also practice violence among themselves, so the language of violence is the only language in the home, and the voice of force is the dominant voice.

The most important causes of domestic violence in general, and the causes of domestic violence against children in particular, have been identified. It is imperative to point out the role of awareness in reducing the practice of violence in all its forms. It is the duty of both men and women to choose their life partner well, and work to find A formula for dialogue, resolving conflicts and disputes, based on understanding and mutual respect, and free from violence and shouting.

Domestic violence solutions

Domestic violence is a global problem that mainly affects the family, which is the nucleus of societies and states, and in order to confront this problem and limit its exacerbation, concerted efforts must be made at all levels. At the international level, deterrent laws and regulations must be approved for everyone who practices violence against others. From members of his family, and at the societal level, we must work to spread awareness among individuals, activate the role of educational institutions such as schools, universities, and religious bodies such as mosques, and talk a lot about the dangers of violence.[3]

In addition to the need to facilitate the process of reporting the existence of domestic violence, and to provide protection for violence of all ages and sex, and parents must realize that their practice of violence against their children will result in violent individuals with harm and danger to themselves and their societies, and that their violence to their children at a young age may lead to disobedience. Arrogance, and this is not a claim for disobedience or justification for it, but rather a case for awakening before it is too late.[3]

Ways to report domestic violence

The methods of reporting domestic violence are determined according to each case, each society and every country. It is important before embarking on the reporting process to know the law in the country or country, the elderly to deal with these cases, as many countries have devoted specific numbers to reporting domestic violence, and there Many bodies that deal with these issues and resort to reform and punish the perpetrator, when there is a felony and great harm.[3]

In conclusion, it is necessary for every person to know his rights and duties, and to train himself to defend his right, and to inform any person or party who finds safety, such as relatives and educators, in the event of any pressure or harm on him, whether at home, school or neighborhood, and by this we will have explained what It is the concept of family violence, and we talked about its causes. We detailed the reasons for domestic violence against children, and we explained solutions to domestic violence and methods of reporting it.


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