Delete all your posts on Facebook with one click


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You may have old posts on Facebook that you want to delete and get rid of, or you want to start over on Facebook, but accessing them may be very tiring, especially if you have been using your account for very long years and have posts by the thousands.
To solve this problem, I will suggest you an add-on for Google Chrome that allows you to remove all posts with one click and without your interference.

You can watch a video explanation from here:

  • First you download the add-on, whether on Google Chrome or Firefox, you will find the download link below.
  • After downloading, you will go to your account on Facebook and then go to your page and choose my activities or activity log as shown

Delete all your Facebook posts (2)

  • Then you click on the add icon at the top

Delete all your Facebook posts (3)

  • We press launch to run the plugin and then wait for all posts to be deleted

Delete all your Facebook posts (4)

As shown, posts are deleted after deletion. Go to the personal page to make sure of that.

Add Facebook – Delete My Timeline:

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