Do air filters help fight corona virus?


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We all know at moment that Corona virus is transmitted through air, which spreads while breathing or speaking. And regular ventilation helps reduce viral load in room. Can air filters help with that?

To answer this question, German Commodity Testing Authority indicated that it has tested a number of air filters, namely: Philips AC2889 / 10, Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect PU6080 and Soehnle Airfresh Clean Connect 500.

The test results showed that three air filters cleaned air well. The authority’s experts explained that by using se filters in a 16squaremeter room, most of drops, which match size of virus, disappeared after 20 minutes. However, purification quality of devices decreases with time.

In end, additional measures are still needed, such as maintaining spacing, wearing a muzzle, and regular ventilation of rooms of house.

Source : vistabuzz

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