Favorite foods of the British royal family


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Decades ago, the life of the royal family has become a source of interest and is followed by many people around the world, as you always see them witnessing the elegance of Queen Elizabeth II, despite her old age, the controversial comments of Prince Philip, and some small differences between the “Queen’s daughter-in-law” Kate and Megan.

Favorite foods of the British royal family

Among the things that people are most curious about: What do royals eat in their daily lives? Which you will find slightly shocking details in this article.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite food: chocolate pie

It seems that Queen Elizabeth is not concerned about diabetes, despite being over 90 years old. Because the chocolate pie is the thing you love most in the palace.

Darren McGrady, a former chef at Buckingham Palace, said the Queen loves nothing more than the specially prepared chocolate pie, which is a dough filled with cinnamon and chocolate cream.

He added, according to what he said to the siteDelishThe Queen is addicted to sugars, and if we put in front of her a large list of foods, she will not choose anything but chocolate pie.

iStock / Queen Elizabeth’s favorite food: chocolate pie

Prince Philip’s favorite food: salmon

Prince Philip prefers to have a plate of salmon, called Salmon Coulibiac, which is a huge pancake filled with salmon, vegetables and rice.

McGrady said Philip is a foodie and he chooses what he wants to eat very carefully.

And this dish is considered one of the most popular foods eaten in Russia.

iStock / Prince Philip’s favorite food: salmon

Prince Charles’ favorite food: Mushroom and cheese risotto pie

As for Prince Charles, he is a fan of mushroom risotto, and the reason is that he is a fan of wild mushrooms so much that he has grown them.

McGrady revealed that Charles is a fan of delicious food, especially made with mushrooms, and added that he always takes chefs with him to markets for sale to discuss with them the best types that can be bought, and he always buys a large amount of porcini mushrooms.

The other food Charles loves is cheese. His wife Camilla Parker revealed this secret when Master Chef Australia’s Gary Mahjane asked her what food would make Charles happy.

Camilla said Charles loves local cheeses and will eat anything made with cheese.

iStock / Prince Charles’s Favorite Food: Mushroom and Cheese Risotto Pie

Prince William’s favorite food: couscous

In terms of Prince William’s favorite food, it is a chocolate biscuit cake, or “soxie” as we call it.

McGrady said in another statement to the siteToday Food Charles acquired the love for this dessert from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who served him regularly at the palace.

He added that his great love for this dessert made him make a large one, as his wedding cake in 2011.

iStock / Prince William’s Favorite Food: Sox

Kate Middleton’s favorite food: Chicken Curry

And his elegant wife Kate Middleton is a fanSpicy Indian foodEspecially chicken curry.

Middleton revealed her favorite dish during a radio interview with her husband, William, on BBC Radio, at the time when the latter said the curry was delicious but not spicy.

iStock / Kate Middleton’s Favorite Food: Chicken Curry

Prince George’s favorite food: macaroni and cheese

Like all children, Prince George, son of William and Middleton, prefers a plate of macaroni with cheese, according to Matthew Kleiner, CEO of the Ivy Learning Trust Academy for Children’s Education.

Kleiner added that Middleton told him this when she was visiting her children at the academy, that her children love to cook very much, and they always ask to prepare macaroni with cheese.

iStock / Prince George’s favorite food: macaroni and cheese

Princess Charlotte’s favorite food: olives

As for George’s sister, Princess Charlotte, her favorite food is out of the ordinary for the lives of kings and princes.

Her mother revealed Middleton according to the magazinePeople Charlotte’s favorite food is olives.

iStock / Princess Charlotte’s favorite food: olives

Prince Harry’s favorite food: Nanaimo chocolate bars

Former Royal Chef McGrady has also revealed Prince Harry’s favorite food, the Canadian chocolate “Nanaimo Bars”.

Usually made in the Canadian city of the same name, this chocolate is a chocolate stuffed with coconut and custard.

McGrady added that he obtained her prescription when he visited Canada with Queen Elizabeth in 1983, and since then he has been preparing it for Harry at Kensington Palace when he was visited by his friends.

iStock / Prince Harry’s Favorite Food: Nanaimo chocolate bars

Meghan Markle’s favorite food: açaí

Speaking to the siteEyeswoon In 2015 Meghan Markle said she loves to eat healthy food, and leans toward foods that remind her of California, especially the açaí.

This dish is similar to oatmeal, in that it is served with yogurt and fruit, but the açaí beans are a bit softer.

Markle added that she leans toward the dishes in which she maintains a healthy diet, such as juices, vegetables, salads, sushi and grilled fish tacos, and that all of these dishes make her feel homesick.

iStock / Meghan Markle’s Favorite Food: Aasay

Finally, do not let these varied choices of foods favored by members of the royal family make you think that they are nutritionally happy, as Queen Elizabeth imposes many strict rules on what foods they are allowed to eat, and there are many of them completely prohibited.

You can learn these foods prevent stressHere.

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