For this reason, avoid using your hair as a dental floss


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Maintaining dental hygiene is important for health of teeth, gums and mouth in general, but some people may follow wrong methods of cleaning ir teeth that may cause harm to m.

There are many videos on TikTok about brushing teeth using head hair instead of floss, prompting many experts to warn against this practice because it may cause irreparable damage.

One of videos shows a woman using her hair to brush her teeth, causing her gums to bleed. Many people commented on several similar clips, confirming that y use this method regularly.

Oral health expert and periodontist, Dr. Rina Wadia, says: “I recommend using floss because it does not harm gums and helps get rid of any debris stuck in between teeth. I also recommend that hair not be used as a substitute for cleaning threads because it may contain harmful germs that travel to gums and cause inflammation, in addition to possibility of causing gum lesions and bleeding.

Dr. Wadia added, that using anything on teeth or than appropriate tools can cause problems in teeth and gums, which cannot be repaired or may require expensive professional treatment, according to “Metro” website.

Source : vistabuzz

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