France tightens school security measures after Samuel Patty incident


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The French presidency said that Macron, after a meeting attended by six ministers and the Attorney General for Combating Terrorism, Jean-Francois Ricard, ordered that rapid concrete measures be taken against extremist propaganda on the Internet, calling for quick steps to be taken “and not to give any room to those who organize themselves in order to stand up to the republican system.”
Last Friday afternoon, history and geography teacher Samuel Patty, a 47-year-old head of a family, was beheaded near the institute where he teaches, in Conflans-Saint-Honorine, in the western suburbs of Paris. Later, his attacker, Abdullah Anzurov, a Russian refugee of Chechen origin, was shot dead by police.
Macron wants to enhance the security of schools and their surroundings before the start of the school year on November 2, through measures that are supposed to last two weeks.
The presidency indicated that the Interior and Justice Ministers, Gerald Darmannan and Eric Dupont Moretti, had presented a “plan of action that would be implemented during the week” and that “concrete measures” would be taken against any groups and people close to “extremist circles” who spread hate calls that could encourage attacks.

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