From Google, the “Pixel 5” camera application reaches old “Pixel” phones


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Company startedGoogleBy launching version 8.1 of the “Google Camera” application for Pixel phones, which means that owners of old devices will get some functions from the new Pixel 5.

Version 8.0 of the application was previously available for the “Pixel 5” only, but the data indicates that version 8.1 should work on old phones such as “Pixel 2” and “Pixel 2 XL”.

Kelvin Peralta monitored the update for the first time, and spoke about it through his Twitter account. According to reports, the app is not a comprehensive fix, as some features have been redesigned or modified.

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New additions include zoom shortcuts, as well as the ability to “Audio Zoom” to reduce background noise. Also, there is a new Cinematic Pan video recording feature from the “Pixel 5”, which helps in smooth animation footage.

It seems that the “Cinematic Pan” video recording feature only reaches “Pixel 4” and “Pixel 4 XL”, and not any of the previous Pixel units.

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