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GAC Motor Company, in cooperation with Aljomaih Automotive Company, held a special global online event on October 15th to launch the allnew GA8 in the Saudi market.

Capitalizing on the good reputation of GAC Motor, the flagship and upscale GA8 model attracted a lot of attention upon its launch and is expected to be the best luxury vehicle choice for the new Saudi elite.

As the new flagship of GAC Motor Company, the allnew GA8 embodies the result of 12 years of innovation and intelligence at GAC Motor, which will provide the highest quality driving experience and service to the local elite in Saudi Arabia. With a length of more than 5 meters and a base. Wheels from 2.9 meters.

This new flagship is equipped with the third generation 390T engine that brings power and takes just 7.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100km / h.

While preserving its original features, the GA8 brings new improvements in body safety and interior environment to ensure overall safety and deep comfort for its occupants.

The GA8 is also specially equipped with GHealth seats that use both premium Ultrauede® suede and premium quality leather, with a ventilated front row, a CN95 air conditioning filter, and a plasma air purification system, which effectively isolates heat and harmful substances while keeping the air fresh Inside.

Record steady growth and perfection of production lines since entering the Saudi market

With 5 showrooms in 4 large Saudi cities, GAC Motor has started expanding rapidly since entering the Saudi market in 2018 with Aljomaih Automotive Company.

The company has launched eight models in Saudi Arabia so far, including SUVs, threecabin sedans and multipurpose vehicles. These cars received a positive response, as they provide Saudi consumers with a varied and highquality driving experience.

With an outstanding R&D team and intelligent manufacturing systems, GAC Motor has developed a global supply chain system, and put in place a strict quality control system for all parts. GAC Motor’s fiveyear or 150,000 km warranty policy also provides consumers with great confidence. Thanks to these improvements. .

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