Google brings the default custom Google Meet background feature to the browser


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Google launched a new update for the Google Meet application on the browser to support users with the default custom background feature, which supports the user in choosing the preferred background and hiding the user’s surroundings in video calls and meetings.

A new browser update for Google Meet launches to support users with a new feature for video conferencing with a better experience.

Although the default custom background feature is not available on the Google Meet mobile app, Google now offers this feature to app users on the browser, as it will be possible to customize the background by default to block the user’s surroundings.

The default background feature works with the support of artificial intelligence technology, which will block the user’s background, and users will be able to choose between more than one background that supports the user with a better experience compared to the blurry background, and the program is scheduled to work on the background application to surround the user efficiently.

The default backgrounds available to users in Google Meet include landscapes, office backgrounds, or some featured images with limited detail.

Google also allows updating Google Meet to choose and download their own photos from the gallery, and Google has confirmed its plans to launch the default background feature soon on the Android and iOS platforms.

Source : vistabuzz

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