Google is testing the feature to compare applications in the Play Store


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There are a lot of device comparison sites out there like smartphones and laptops, but what about apps? Each application has thousands of similar alternatives, so which one to choose? Google wants to help you solve the problem through the app comparison feature in the Play Store.

Google is testing the feature through the application page itself in the store and when scrolling down a little there is a new section called Compare Apps and through it we find a table comparing several similar applications to the desired application through several criteria.

For example, if you go to the VLC music and video playback app page, you will find its own comparison options such as its support for external streaming services, the type of extensions it supports, the quality of the video it supports, the control buttons and gestures, the ease of use and its evaluation, and others.

This feature is most useful for choosing the appropriate application for your need without having to download and try all the applications that appear in the Similar Applications section under each application on its page.

Of course, the comparison criteria varies according to the type of application. And now the feature is under testing on a sample of users and applications within one version of the Play Store, before Google circulates it to everyone later.


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Source : vistabuzz

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