Has the Saudi system reached a stage of collapse?


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Some ask – according to the stages of the state according to Ibn Khaldun’s political theory – has the kingdom reached a stage of collapse?

The phases of Ibn Khaldun are:

(Tor Al-Zafar): The establishment of the state by all members of society and the ruler is not distinguished from them.

(Tyranny phase): The ruler creates nervousness in order to tyrannize the rule.

(Develop the emptiness and fame): the dispute over money and wealth and monopolizing it from the people.

(The Contentment and Peaceful Phase): It follows and imitates the rulers who preceded them.

(Excessive and extravagant phase): destroying money against the desires and starving the people.

(Collapse phase): Access to pure despotism, taxation, and an increase in internal conflict.

Has the Saudi state reached a stage of collapse?

The Indian Tribune newspaper said that the Kingdom is witnessing a fierce battle between 7,000 princes and princesses from the ruling family since the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in January 2015.

The Indian newspaper added that after the last king of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Abdullah) was buried in an unmarked grave according to the Wahhabi tradition, it is noticed that the reality of the monarchy is in Saudi Arabia. “With the death of every king, his heirs and commentators who had been immersed in supreme luxury are forgotten and marginalized.”

And she continued: “With each death, the battle begins again in the only center of power in Riyadh – the royal court – to seize the wonderful billions that float under it and in the palaces of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

She noted that in 2015 with the death of King Abdullah, the battle between 7,000 princes and princesses in Saudi Arabia was particularly fierce. And still it continues.

It stated that after Brother Salman assumed his position, his son Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) announced his entry into the world stage through a resounding slap to the head of the royal court’s guards to prevent him from the seriousness of his uncle Abdullah’s illness.

Within two years after Abdullah’s death, his son, Muhammad bin Nayef, who would have assumed the crown prince to succeed Salman, was stabbed politically and finally personally to make him a broken man, not in a position to challenge Mohammed bin Salman.

Since then, the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula have been ravaged by the awaited king, who seeks to distill power only for himself, and is unwilling to tolerate dissidents in the family fold, and declared war on Yemen, which led to one of the worst wars in the world.

Observers say that this was just an introductory session for Mohammed bin Salman, as opponents are persuaded and forced to return to Riyadh, where a seven-star hotel turns into a temporary prison in which hundreds of sheikhs are taken out of the billions they stole from the treasury.

The Tribune newspaper concluded, saying: It is a matter of poetic justice that after Mohammed bin Salman dealt somehow with the Khashoggi massacre and tried to remove the curtains from the Yemen war, his attempt to dazzle the Trump family and Modes with glamor, hospitality and communication at the G20 summit. Overturned by Covid 19.

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