How do I know if the egg fertilized … Signs of failure to fertilize the egg


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How do I know that the egg has fertilized a question that haunts the minds of mothers, or who is waiting for pregnancy, and it is not a requirement that signs of fertilization appear on all women, and the following paragraphs talk more about how to know that the egg was fertilized, signs of failure to fertilize the egg, reasons for failure, signs of ovulation, and how Accurate pregnancy test.

How do I know that the egg fertilized

When the egg is fertilized, many changes occur in the mother’s body, some of them may be early, and others need more than a week, and all signs of fertilization of the egg depend on the nature of the body of each woman, meaning that not all of them exist for all women, and among the common signs of fertilization of the egg are:[1]

  • Light or spotting bleeding; Because of the implantation of a fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus.
  • Abdominal cramps.
  • Darkening of the areola surrounding the nipple.
  • Brown nipple.
  • Feeling tired and sleepy; Because of the increased progesterone level
  • A change in breast size, such as a swelling or a change in the breast; It begins to swell, with the possibility of feeling a little pain when touched.
  • Nausea at many times during the day, the most important of which is in the morning.
  • Interruption of menstruation.
  • Desire for certain types of food, or staying away from favorite foods.
  • Frequent urination; Because of the increased fluid volume in women.
  • High temperature.
  • Constipation and flatulence.
  • Vaginal secretions change color to clear or white.
  • Mood change and headache.
  • Dizziness or fainting.
  • Back pain.
  • Low sugar and blood pressure.

Signs of failure to fertilize the egg

Signs of insemination failure are similar to the preceding signs of menstruation, and occur for many reasons, and the most prominent signs are:[2]

  • Feeling of bloating.
  • Swelling of the breast.
  • Feeling of pain in the breast.
  • Mood changes.
  • Headache.
  • An intense appetite or a lack of food.
  • Sleep fluctuations.

Causes of failure to fertilize the egg

  • The fertilization of the egg fails for many reasons, such as:[2]
  • Fallopian tube damage or blockage.
  • Problems with ovulation in the first place.
  • Disease The growth of the lining of the womb outside it (endometriosis).
  • Weak sperm.
  • Dysfunction of pituitary hormones.

Signs of ovulation

The egg lives 24 hours after ovulation; Therefore, the woman should know precisely how long she is ovulating. To know when you can get pregnant, and to know the exact date of ovulation, there are many calculators on the Internet that you can enter special data into; To show an accurate result, signs of ovulation include:[3]

  • High temperature: The temperature rises due to the effects of the hormone progesterone, and to know that the temperature is really high, one must use the same thermometer, and measure from the same place, for several months before considering pregnancy, to find out that the temperature is high due to ovulation.
  • Change in the secretions of the cervix; As it becomes transparent, more liquid than usual, and similar to the color of egg white.
  • Feeling of menstrual pain on one side of the lower abdomen.

pregnancy test

The pregnancy test analyzes the chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which is produced by the body during pregnancy, and enables the woman to confirm whether there is pregnancy or not, before the blood test and other things, and it can detect pregnancy with an accuracy of 99%, two or three days before the next menstrual date, and the accuracy of the pregnancy test depends Home on:[4]

  • How closely you follow the instructions on the test packet.
  • The time of ovulation and the time of implantation of the egg.
  • When to take the test after pregnancy.
  • Allergy pregnancy test.

When to take a pregnancy test

Some pregnancy tests can detect the hormone chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) before the missed period, but the results will be more accurate on the first day of the missed period, and it is more accurate in the morning.[4]

How do I know if the egg has fertilized a question that everyone who wants to get pregnant must know answered; Because the egg only lasts one day after ovulation; Therefore, the correct time of pregnancy must be used, and signs of fertilization of the egg may not appear in all women. Therefore, it is best to get a pregnancy test one day after your period in the morning. Because urine is concentrated.


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