How do you spot fake reviews for products on Amazon?


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Customer Reviews are one of the primary factors that play a big role in people making a purchase decision when shopping on the Internet, and whether you are a customer or a seller on Amazon, product reviews are of the utmost importance.

For the seller; These reviews help to improve product ranking, and for the customer; These reviews help with your purchase decision, but what if most of the reviews on the product you want to buy are fake?

show up A recent poll Among the 1,000 Americans – planning to buy some products during the upcoming Amazon Prime Day event – only 16% of respondents are very confident of their ability to spot fake product reviews on Amazon.

While 33% of them were somewhat confident in their ability to spot fake reviews, while 27% of them were not at all confident in their ability to spot fake reviews and choose good products.

Why is this important? Because 78% of people participating in this survey confirmed that product reviews on Amazon play a big role in making a purchase.

Here’s how to spot fake product reviews on Amazon:

If you decide to take advantage of the offers and discounts offered by Amazon during its Prime Day shopping event that will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, there are some things that you should look for; These are all signs of fake reviews:

  • They leave lots of positive reviews in a short time frame, and they often use similar words and phrases.
  • Lots of reviews feature photos of the same or very similar.
  • The content is very short in positive reviews which are usually 5-star, because generally speaking when someone is happy enough to leave a 5-star rating, they will have a lot of details about the product.
  • Reviews are positive but no details on features, ease of use, etc.
  • The use of the full name of the product in a lot of reviews, and this use may be in order to improve appearance in search engines, and this means that the seller is the one who wrote these reviews, or people affiliated with him.
  • The emergence of a lot of positive reviews on the product on the day of its inclusion on the site, or a day or two later, as this period is not sufficient for the product to reach the customer and try it.
  • Multiple reviews using similar sentences and listing the same features.
  • Also, in 1-star reviews, you should verify that the person’s problem was with the product itself, not with customer service or some other reason of its own.

After that, of course, you should also read customer reviews about the product on other sites, in addition to reviewing reviews of some specialized sites for the product.

There are also some tools that help you easily spot fake product reviews.These tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the language in which the reviews are written, and reviewers’ purchase records to identify which reviews are fake.

Fakespot tool:

Tool (Fakespot) By evaluating the reliability of product pages on e-commerce sites such as: Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Sephora, and Walmart. By examining the reviews and the reviewers’ purchase history, and analyzing language and past reviews to identify real and fake reviews.

Simply copy the URL of the product page on the site you want to buy from, and paste it into the Fakespot site for verification, and once the scan is finished; The site will show you a rating that tells you whether the page contains real and reliable reviews or not, where the rating starts with the letter A, which indicates an excellent rating for reviews, and ends with the letter F, which indicates that there are a lot of fake reviews on the page.

How do you spot fake reviews for products on Amazon?

The tool also filters reviews deemed to be fake in order to create a more reliable product rating. The score that appears won’t tell you whether the product in question is actually good or bad, but it will allow you to make a more informed decision based on whether the reviews are fake or true.

How do you spot fake reviews for products on Amazon?

It is worth noting that the Fakespot tool is available As an add-on for Google Chrome It allows you to analyze the web pages of the products with the click of a button, and it is also available as an application for both Android mobile devices in a storeGoogle Play, Or iOS on App Store.

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