How to get Facebook notifications on the desktop without additions


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Sometimes you may need to contact your latest account notifications on the Facebook social networking site, even when leaving the account, so that important notifications or messages are not wasted. There are some extensions to the Google Chrome browser that allow you to achieve this, but you can dispense with them because this feature is already present on the Facebook site. So let me tell you by activating it very easily in this article.

Initially, this feature is only intended for users of the Google Chrome browser, as the built-in notification center with the browser is used by default, to see notifications for your account registered on the browser, including friend requests that are sent to you and messages that you receive in the corner of the screen on the desktop of your computer, and thus You do not need to specifically open the Facebook tab on your browser.

facebook notification

To activate the feature, go to Settings by clicking on the arrow button facing down from the top bar, and then in the side menu click on the Notifications section and from the options that appear on the right side click on the Desktop and Mobile phone, now activate the feature by pressing on The Turn On button, located in front of the Google Chrome logo, and when a confirmation message appears from the notification center of Google Chrome, press the Allow button.

Well, now when you leave the Facebook tab from the Google Chrome browser, and when one of the notifications arrives for your Facebook account, the content of this notification will be displayed in a box that appears in the corner of the screen above the taskbar if you are using Windows or above if you are using a Mac system. When you click on this notification, you will be taken to Facebook directly.

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