Huawei officially announces the date of arrival of the EMUI 11 update to its phones in the Arab world and the world


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Despite the violent problems that Huawei is going through, the company did not fail in terms of updates, it is true that it is a little late, but this is not the worst situation, especially since the company announced today the date of the arrival of the EMUI 11 update to its phones in the Arab world and the whole world for a large number of Phones and tablets, and in this article we share with you the details.

The arrival of EMUI 11 update in the Arab world and the world

The new EMUI 11 update is a prominent update that comes with a large number of new features such as the ability to freely divide the screen, the ability to work together on screen content and also new features for the Always-On Display feature, a large number of phones are now working on the beta version of this update, but the dates Which She stated Huawei are the dates for the arrival of the final and stable update.

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Huawei’s flagship phones, specifically the P40 and Mate 30 series, and although they are relatively old, they will get the stable update before the end of this year, specifically in the month of December, while a number of older phones will come after them, right up to the Mate 20 and even tablets, and below we share with you the full table, note Our Arab world falls below Middle East, Africa, that is, the Middle East and Africa:

It is reported that Huawei is now preparing and preparing its equipment to launch the stable and integrated HarmonyOS 2.0 system, which is a system that will work on smartphones naturally, and as we knew previously, the system will be able to work on more than 100 phones from Huawei and Honor, and the company will allow users to move from Android to the new system, We do not know all the details yet, but things will become clearer in December and with the beginning of the new year.

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