Huawei P50 will carry the Kirin 9000 processor and Korean OLED screen “leaks”


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Huawei is preparing to launch the new generation of its “P50 series” phones, despite the US sanctions that have increased in intensity over the past months, forcing them to announce that the Mate 40 is the last phone of the company with the Kirin processor, but the new leaks mess with a little hope!

News has come about the company’s P50 series that it will carry the same Mait 40 processor; It is the Kirin 9000 in a move that will preserve the pattern of the series’ usual unveiling in March or April.

In addition, the series will come with an OLED screen made by Samsung or LG, according to close to the company; After both Korean companies obtained a permit from the US government to supply the Chinese company with screens in early October 2020.

By returning to the processor, which is an indispensable anchor in the smart phone industry, which naturally needs a permanent upgrade to keep pace with the big phase in including new features and competition while providing performance speed comparable to competitors This point remains a major challenge for Huawei.

While its resorting to the use of the Kirin 9000 processor could temporarily solve the problem in the upcoming P series after storing a large amount of it before the decision to prevent TSMC from supplying the chips becomes effective, but what after the chipset runs out; Especially since its other phones were greatly affected by the sanctions, and its sales declined sharply, or even resorted to selling its trademark Honer!

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