Hybrid cars are more polluting to the environment than fuel cars


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We might think that hybrid cars are better for the environment than fuel cars, but not according to a recent study.

The German study says that most plugin hybrids are no better environmentally than their petrolengine counterparts due to their limited electrical range. And it gets worse when its owners do not charge it regularly and it produces more emissions.

The study included more than 100,000 cars in the United States, Europe and China from more than 66 types of cars. Overall, the study found that plugin hybrid cars emit twice as much emissions as companies advertise, and up to 4 times in some cases.

In the end, the study highlights the responsibility of companies to raise the electric range to at least 80 km instead of 30 to 60 km at the present time in order to suit the real daily use of drivers, which may help to reduce emissions real.

Source : vistabuzz

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