International human rights group calls on Egypt to release elderly and sick detainees


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“I am talking to you today to issue an urgent appeal to the Egyptian authorities, an urgent appeal to everyone who has an influence on the Egyptian authorities to move to release the sick and elderly prisoners from Egyptian prisons,” Watson said in a video statement.

She added, “In fact, there is no serious security reason to justify their continued detention. We know that there are more than 7,000 detainees over the age of 60 years, and many of them are political prisoners. We know that there are at least 1,500 sick detainees, and the humanitarian gesture required in this is The time is Egypt’s move to release them. “

The Executive Director of the “Democracy in the Arab World Now” organization affirmed that “the Egyptian government has a duty and obligation to provide the health, comfort, safety and security of the detainees in its custody, and it is clear that it was not able to provide this security and safety for the sake of the detainees’ care and comfort.”

And she continued, “We know that in the year 2020, 73 detainees died, many of them due to lack of medical care.” She added, “There is a difficult situation the detainees face as a result of insufficient food, as well as the lack of medical care and inadequate health conditions.”
The Executive Director of the “Democracy in the Arab World Now” organization indicated that “the detainees are deprived of light, and they are deprived of exercise, and also they are deprived of heat, electricity and basic materials for human life.”

“Watson” concluded by saying: “At this moment, as a goodwill gesture, as a humanitarian gesture, we urge the Egyptian government to take immediate action to release the elderly, sick and infirm detainees.”

Source : vistabuzz

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