Iraq .. The Minister of Immigration discusses including the displaced with housing loans


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The World – Iraq

“The aim of the meeting was to present several requests from the ministry to place them under the eyes of the Minister of Reconstruction, to advance the reality of the ministry’s care categories,” the Minister of Immigration and Displacement said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

The Minister of Immigration indicated that “among the submitted applications is to include families returning from displacement with loans granted for construction from the Housing Fund at certain rates for this segment to encourage their return to their liberated areas, as well as ending the displacement file and including the Ministry’s care categories by reducing the prices of housing apartments, similar to the care categories of other ministries.

The statement emphasized, “Including the employees of the Ministry of Immigration in the housing program or working with the ministry’s investors to build a special compound in the ministry and install the sums on salaries, just as their peers from the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Municipalities employees.”

For her part, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Municipalities, Nazin Muhammad Wosu, expressed her strong support to work with the Ministry of Immigration and Displacement in general, and the Minister in particular, to serve the Ministry’s care categories for the displaced, returnees, displaced persons and immigrants, and its interest in helping them.

Source : vistabuzz

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