It is for these reasons that there are two million who still rent DVDs from Netflix instead of watching online


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Perhaps many residents of the Arab world did not know anything about Netflix before it was the largest online viewing or streaming platform in the world, but North Americans knew the name of the company before it was an online viewing platform as it was the largest chain of disc and video stores in the world, which is The service that is still ongoing and has been shared by two million Americans at this point.

Netflix is ​​a revolution in the world of movie distribution

Some TVs have a dedicated Netflix button (IStock).

Netflix started in 1979 as a company to rent video tapes and movies without any time limit or fines for delay in returning tapes and discs, and Netflix was revolutionary in that you do not need to be present at the store’s premises to rent a movie, all you have to do is order it on the Internet and receive the disc on Mail and take it back through the mail as well whenever you like.

Over time, and in 2007, Netflix began broadcasting content over the Internet as well and began to expand until it covered almost all countries of the world after less than 10 years, with nearly 200 million subscribers to the service, in addition to its acquisition of many prestigious film and television awards, but all this success for the platform On the Internet, it did not stop for a moment that the platform continued to send DVDs to subscribers by mail.

Disk rental from Netflix?

Netflix DVD in distinctive red color (IStock)
Netflix DVD in distinctive red color (IStock)

As the company grew as a platform for viewing online content, Netflix decided in 2011 to get rid of the disc rental service via mail, to focus on growth as an online content platform, and decided to launch a platform called Qwikster that specializes in renting discs for a monthly subscription, but the company backed down after an angry campaign from Users who didn’t like the idea very much.

After this, back off Reed Hastings stated The CEO of the company says there is no intention to get rid of the service and that he does not see anything that prevents the Netflix DVD rental service from continuing for the next five years.
It is no wonder that the company continues this service, as it is still generating a profit of 300 million dollars annually on the company, and despite the small amount compared to the twenty billion dollars that the company earns from viewers’ subscriptions on the Internet, it is still a good amount for a side service on Despite the decline in these profits year after year.

But why is this idea still used in America? The company notes that more than two million users order DVD discs for movies and series through the mail, the idea may seem ridiculous to some, so to watch a movie you have to rent it and wait for about two days until it arrives in the mail and then repack the disc after watching the movie and mail it again, on the other side you can Simply log on to Netflix and watch movies, but there are two main reasons that drive two million Americans to rent tablets from Netflix.

30% of Americans do not have a fast home internet

Contrary to what you might think, only about a third of Americans do not have a fast home broadband connection, while 20% of Americans do not have home internet at all and 10% of Americans use the Internet with 3G and 4G LTE technologies. Which means “the Internet” is expensive, slow, and limited.

In addition to the fact that many remote American cities do not have the infrastructure for fast internet and sometimes even 4G services, which means that many Americans may prefer to order a DVD on their mobile phone and watch it on a computer, or TV may be the best option for many Americans.

Intellectual property rights

There is another reason that may drive many to rent discs from Netflix, which is intellectual property rights, as viewing serials and movies on the Internet often follows different licenses than renting DVDs, and therefore the variety of titles offered on DVD is larger and wider than those on the Internet, as well as Many films are available on DVD sooner than shown online after being shown in cinemas.

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