Jeep reveals a mountain bike with an electric motor and powerful performance


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Jeep surprises its customers with many accessories that cater to their needs and love for offroad adventure, and here it unveils the EBike 2020 mountain bike with an electric motor and powerful performance, created in cooperation with QuietKat.

The bike carries a 750 watt motor and a torque of 160 Newton meters, with the provision of an upgrade to the engine to raise its power to 1000 watts, and provides the ability to adjust the bike at 10 levels of speed and is controlled through a removable pedal, and it also features the ability to use the regular pedals to become a bicycle or Using the electric motor, it can travel between 48 to 96 km per charge, and it is equipped with fourdisc brakes to stop the bike safely, with an advanced suspension system that adds strength and stability on rugged terrain.

The prices of the EBike 2020 start from $ 5,899, equivalent to 22,100 riyals, and with additions and upgrades, they rise to 6,327 dollars, equivalent to 23,700 riyals, with an additional battery available for $ 749, equivalent to 2,800 riyals.

Source : vistabuzz

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