Kidney patients are twice as likely to die from Coronavirus


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A recent study found that patients with kidney problems are twice as likely to die from Corona virus.

The figures revealed that 48% of Corona patients who were admitted to intensive care units in London and Birmingham and suffered from acute kidney injuries possibly caused by virus died due to disease, and 50% of those with kidney problems such as chronic kidney failure died, 21% of patients without kidney problems died.

The researchers at Imperial College London warned that this means that doctors must be on high alert to deal with patients with kidney disease, and y said that this means that anyone suffering from se diseases should enter intensive care unit early.

Up to 3 million people suffer from kidney problems in United Kingdom, compared to 37 million in United States, and kidney disease is often difficult to diagnose because symptoms do not appear early.

Doctors monitored 372 patients who were admitted to intensive care between March 10 and July 23, during first wave of Coronavirus pandemic, and up to 216 of se patients had kidney problems, and up to 139 participants died. Included in study, according to British newspaper Daily Mail.

Dr Sanoj Soni, an intensive care consultant at Imperial College London who led study, warned that many patients with kidney problems do not know that ir organs have been damaged.

Dr. Sony said, “If you suffer from kidney problems and become infected with Coronavirus, you have a double chance of dying from virus, and kidney patients must be given special attention if y are infected with Corona.”

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