Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the best WhatsApp alternatives


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Whatsapp and Facebook, as we know, are under the banner of one administration, and since Facebook bought the WhatsApp company, there are many changes occurring in the application, and the most prominent of these changes was recently, which is the new use policy for WhatsApp, which many people, experts and interested in the field see, and anyone who can express an opinion almost A very bad policy, even illogical, and puts many controls in the hands of Facebook, so WhatsApp gradually turns into a data bank for Facebook, and with the recent use policy, the matter seems blatantly against everything that was advocated by WhatsApp at the beginning, so let’s discuss a little about the new WhatsApp policy, and the reactions to This policy, is Whatsapp right about what is coming or wrong, and why?

New Whatsapp usage policy and its link to facebook

On January 4, a message appeared on the last update of the WhatsApp application informing users of a change in the usage policy of the application, the new policy had significant changes in terms of WhatsApp’s use of the data stored on it and that it will start circulating it from Facebook affiliates also for advertising purposes, as WhatsApp has begun to clarify that it is Data is shared with other Facebook programs to “improve the user experience” of these applications. Whenever I listen to this phrase “improve the user experience”, I see myself seeing more ads, but what raises suspicion is that many experts have indicated that WhatsApp with this policy can access your private messages This is basically illegal, so why is this? If you ask me about the things that I hate the most, then in the first place you find the exams, and immediately after that you find using my data in order to show ads for products that I will not buy and I do not have the money to buy them in the first place, to list this policy in points

New Whatsapp policy

  • Use of private user data in full
    • Telephone number
    • personal picture
    • Contacts
    • User location-Does not apply to the Share location feature-
  • Use all this data for marketing purposes
  • Share user data with facebook
  • All of these conditions apply from February 8th
  • Anyone who rejects these conditions will delete their account from next February
  • These conditions do not apply to users within the European Union

After this WhatsApp behavior, the fingers began to move towards WhatsApp accusing it of violating the privacy of users and that this exceeded the limit until the famous billionaire “Elon Musk” came the richest men in the world now and tweeted on the social networking site twitter, saying “Use Signal”, referring to the Signal application, which is similar in shape. Great for whatsapp, I will talk about it in detail at a later time, but compared to WhatsApp, this application carries weaker whatsapp security, encryption for the entire message and the ability to create secret conversations, hide the chat screen and prevent screen capture, this is what led to the number of its users increasing dramatically to the point that within a day it reached First place in the most free apps downloaded on the App Store for Apple devices, it did not end there. There is a little funny thing, because of Musk’s tweet, people have invested in Signal Advance thinking that it is the company that owns Signal and its shares have risen dramatically. The share price rose from 60 cents to $ 8.44, ie an increase of nearly 1400%

Elon Musk tweet

Why don’t I refuse?

This is the first question I got about it, didn’t WhatsApp give me the option to reject? Why do not I reject it? So, I reject it. Indeed, facebook and whatsapp companies submitted the order as if it is optional, so why do I agree then I refuse, the matter is optional now, but during next February, this use policy will change from an optional policy to a compulsory one that you cannot refuse. If you want to reject it, then reject it and leave WhatsApp in February, it will be deleted. Accounts rejecting the order at the time, starting from next February will agree to this or leave the application itself, rejection is optional now, not allowed in the future

Fact of the matter, will whatsapp share everything with facebook?

In fact, despite all the talk, the answer is no, see your sensitive information, all of your own. WhatsApp cannot share it because this makes it a breach of the United Nations laws to begin with, and in this way the company will be exposed to tons of cases. If WhatsApp penetrates any private and sensitive data, its end will be written in this way. But she will be aware of information that can be used, in the end, your conversation with your friends and family and all your private messages will be protected, but what Facebook will get is certain data, including the following

  • Your phone number
  • Your account picture
  • Your contacts – which Facebook can access if you allow it in the first place –
  • Common application problems
  • The type of phone you are using
  • Your location and where you live

As you note, WhatsApp will not enter sensitive information, it will not enter your messages, for example, it will not enter your pictures that you send to your friend, so do not worry about the stickers that you made from your friends’ pictures in safety, your messages are safe, your documents and files are safe, and all your private data is safe, the data that will be transferred abroad is not sensitive data or Definitely private, but information that almost every application knows, but the reactions were not weak, but were very severe and somewhat offensive, how is that?

Feedback on whatsapp and facebook policies

As we said, all the reactions were offensive, and Elon Musk’s tweet is just an example of that, but the Telegram app, for example, received a banter and received the banner of “antics” on WhatsApp. He even tweeted several tweets on his Twitter account. He was mocking WhatsApp and its decisions in a large way. I’ll leave you some tweets. Below, however, the founder of Telegram was attacking Whatsapp in many articles, from one of these articles he wrote that WhatsApp will not be completely safe, other than many users who participated in the party, or participated in tweeting against WhatsApp itself, many of the technology pages also in the Arab world saw This policy is a breach of the privacy of users, do not care about Memes pages, it is its job to joke about the matter, but almost everyone is against this change, although it seems that the data that will be shared by WhatsApp is simple, why is this reaction?

Telegram parody of Whatsapp

First Tweet

The second tweet

whatsapp and Telegram and their start in data storage

Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the best WhatsApp alternatives 1

To understand the dilemma in reaction, we must understand how WhatsApp and Telegram dealt with your data, from the beginning the two applications’ idea was that all your data is yours, do not leave this data to any other application, take Telegram as an example, it is not the most secure chat application, but if you search for data That it collects about you, you will find it very few, and WhatsApp used to apply the same thing collecting specific data that it does not share with anyone, but since it was bought by Facebook until whatsapp data became a lot, it started collecting a lot of information, and then WhatsApp broke all its rules that it would share all the information with Facebook under the pretext of improving Experiment, which ads. We will share data with Facebook for ads.

Whatsapp and facebook responded to everything

Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the best WhatsApp alternatives 2

Facebook and WhatsApp to study the matter in response to all the comments posted a picture showing how WhatsApp deals with the data – yes, the picture under the title – that shows that whatsapp does not transmit private data and does not transmit sensitive data and that it is not aware of your messages, and WhatsApp cannot access your site that you share with Other than you and cannot save recordings of your messages, that is, do not hide your messages on your own. WhatsApp or Facebook will not be able to access them, and this is what you notice in what WhatsApp has published, it denies Facebook’s assumption of everything, it is not a big calamity, it is only a new policy against past whatsapp policies

Whatsapp clarification of the command

what should I do? Leave Whatsapp?

Yes and no, see the application does not carry any sensitive information about you and will not transmit any sensitive information because it is illegal to obtain it from the ground, but avoid the presence of WhatsApp in everything, avoid unofficial WhatsApp applications, try to close any excess permissions that whatsapp gets, yes WhatsApp It does not collect sensitive information, but it collects a lot of information that it does not benefit from, in the end it is information that is not desirable for WhatsApp to take, in the end if the matter is ineffective with you and you do not care about WhatsApp then remove it, from it you will preserve your data, and from it you will relieve your head from all this headache What do you use?

Best alternatives to whatsapp

Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the 10 best WhatsApp alternatives

If we searched, there are alternatives to WhatsApp in a very large way, many applications can replace Whatsapp, but not all of them replace it efficiently, note that you leave the most famous chat program in the world whose number of users exceeds a billion and a half billion users, this is a very large number to choose an alternative that must achieve what causes fame This application, and therefore I will be satisfied with two applications that I do not find better applications than alternatives to Whatsapp, and here I am talking about Telegram and Signal, let’s talk about them a little


The perfect alternative for me, the Telegram application carries tons of useful features, at first it is a conversational application with text conversations, whether for individuals or groups – the number of group members reaches approximately 200,000 people – and it enables you to send any files with a maximum of 2GB per file, the application gives you an advantage Secret conversations are encrypted conversations whose messages are automatically destroyed, there are also Bots in groups, which you can use literally for anything, you can organize any group with Bots easily, other than additional Bots that will help improve your application experience, with support for various Themes and Stickers, Telegram is the perfect Whatsapp For some people, it lacks some changes in the Stickers and Stories system to become the most powerful chat program ever.

Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the best WhatsApp alternatives 11

Telegram feature summary

  • You can use it as a cloud storage space
  • The group system is better
    • Accepts 200 thousand group members
    • There is support for Bots that help with group organization
    • You can install important group messages and easily control members’ permissions
  • Support voice and video calls, whether in individual or group conversations
    • Video chats coming soon
  • Self-destructing messages with the ability to create fully encrypted conversations

Telegram website


Yes, it is what Elon Musk talked about. Signal is a natural SMS application with additional features to become a chat program, very simple, and very secure, all on it is encrypted, no one can easily access your data on this application, the conversations are all encrypted, all private data Encrypted, even your personal photo is encrypted, so almost this is the basis of Signal, security, then security, then security, and since it is not affiliated with any companies, there is no fear of actually anything from your data, it can also control your SMS messages, so all your SMS becomes within the application Even if you receive an SMS from someone, the application will integrate their messages with chat messages. Signal is the most secure alternative to Whatsapp.

Learn about the new Whatsapp policy, sending data to facebook, and the best WhatsApp alternatives 12

Summary of Signal Features

  • Fully encrypted, everything is encrypted
  • It can be combined with SMS messages easily
  • Very simple, no superfluous, and focuses mainly on conversations


Conclusion, is Whatsapp stealing my data and giving it to facebook app?

The answer is no, Whatsapp does not steal your private data, he is trying to obtain general information some thing that helps in the ads, and he was already getting it, but this time he decided to submit it to the facebook application, this is the difference, am I not finding this problem? No, I find that this is a problem, this is a lot of data that Facebook gets, Facebook devours our data under the pretext of improving the user experience, but I do not rest for the presence of ads everywhere on the application, and I do not rest that these ads exist because of my use of the application, it is not comfortable and not good, this is a hack Really private, this is a break in the safety of users on the Internet in my opinion, and I hope Whatsapp and facebook review this decision.

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