Lexus LFA … celebrates its 10th anniversary of production …


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Lexus is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the LFA, a spectacular supercar that went into limited production at the end of 2010.

Although the Lexus LFA is officially 10 years old, its story began in the early 2000s as an R&D project, with chief engineer Harahiko Tanashi given the freedom to act and the opportunity to work with new materials and processes.

The luxury car brand Toyota completed the first prototype in 2003, and the following year it was put on the Nurburgring.

The world was given a first glimpse of LFA through a study presented in 2005 by NAIAS, followed by an updated version two years later.

Lexus LFA  10th Anniversary

In 2008, the LFA debuted out of four times at the 24Hours of Nurburgring, and at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus finally confirmed its production.

Lexus LFA  10th Anniversary

The Lexus LFA of only 500 models has a lightweight construction, with CFRP carbon fiber reinforced polymer used in the bodywork in place of aluminum.

Power is also provided by the 4.8liter V10 engine.

Lexus LFA  10th Anniversary

Developed with the Yamaha, the engine produced 560 horsepower at 8,700 rpm, with the rear wheels propelled through a sixspeed sequential gearbox.

It was able to reach a top speed of 202 mph (325 km / h), and it accelerated from 0 to 62 mph (0100 km / h) in 3.7 seconds.

Lexus LFA  10th Anniversary

This followed, with a more trackfocused version of 50 copies, called the LFA Nurburgring Edition, with stricter suspension, aerodynamic improvements, lighter alloy wheels and a total output of 570 hp.

Lexus LFA  10th Anniversary

It is noteworthy that Lexus has dazzled its fans, recently, with the special edition of the luxury RC F highperformance sports car, with its GT3inspired design, called the RC F Fuji Speedway Edition.

This gives its fans a unique opportunity to own this new luxury sports car and experience its amazing capabilities, which are distinguished by having the best powertoweight ratio in its class.

It is distinguished by its stunning appearance, advanced dynamics and unique design, and has a powerful and turbulent engine that produces 472 hp at 7100 rpm and 395 lbft of torque at 4800 rpm.

It is a 5.0 liter V8 engine and is a staple of the Lexus RC F sporty character.

Lexus RC F Fuji Speedway

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