Libya … Statement of the people of Tobruk against the lost Wahhabi sect (video)


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The World – Libya

A large number of people, residents, notables and sheikhs of the Kabylie gathered in the Libyan city of Tobruk in front of the King Idris Al-Senussi Mosque and issued a statement of condemnation, disapproval and condemnation of the followers of the lost Wahhabi sect and in response to a video clip spread to a Salafi follower threatening and threatening to destroy Sufi corners and exhuming the graves of the righteous and descendants of the people of the House, peace be upon them from Honorable gentlemen, which are spread in all Libyan cities and are maintained by the people of Tobruk and protected by the Libyan tribes.

The statement stated a challenge to Saudi Wahhabism that the members of the Libyan Sufi orders belong to major tribes, and those who suffer misfortune will face the strength of their tribes, and that the followers of Salafism are not guardians of Islam, and that any behavior of them will be faced by the people of Sufism and the supervision in Libya, they are the people of jihad and they are the ones who strive and liberate Libya from colonialism Italian.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Wahhabi intelligence has trained Libyan and Wahhabi subversive elements since the fall of the Qaddafi regime and directed them to sabotage and destroy all Islamic monuments and the shrines of the righteous and noble and change the name of mosques, especially those bearing the names of the people of the Prophet’s house and the righteous from his descendants, and the names of the regions and the assassination of many Islamic and moderate figures that have Activity in the face of Wahhabi thought.

Source : vistabuzz

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