Michigan On Lockdown Again Starting November 18


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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has announced new lockdown orders for Michigan amid surging cases of COVID-19.

Reports said indoor gatherings will be limited to 10 people and outdoor gatherings limited to 25 people beginning Nov. 18 until Dec. 9.

“We cannot control the fact we’re seeing a surge in cases; we can control how we combat our common enemy,” Whitmer said in a virtual press conference.

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The governor added that  high schools and universities must conduct all classes remotely.

“In the spring, we listened to public health experts, stomped the curve, and saved thousands of lives together. Now, we must channel that same energy and join forces again to protect our families, frontline workers, and small businesses,” Whitmer said.

Michigan has reported a total of 251,813 cases of COVID-19 and 7,994 deaths. More than 44,000 Michiganders have tested positive for the virus in the past week, while 416 have died.

Source : pulptastic

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