Mobile platforms for charging and offloading data from deep-sea exploration robots


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SAN FRANCISCO Oct 11 (dpa) – Robots are a great way to do exploration as well as search and rescue tasks in marine environments, but they must return to their bases periodically in order to recharge and unload the data they have collected, and this may cause A problem if the robot was exploring far away places in the depths of the seas and oceans and could not return to its bases regularly to replenish power and dump data.

To address this problem, a team of researchers at Purdue University in the United States has created mobile platforms to serve the robots, allowing to extend the life of the robot’s underwater mission without having to return to its original base.

The study team emphasized that these new platforms allow the robots that operate in space and on the surfaces of the satellites of various planets such as Jupiter and Saturn to perform their tasks for longer periods without the need to return to their original bases, thus giving them an opportunity to collect a greater amount of the required information and data.

The “Science Daily” website, which specializes in technology, quoted the researcher, Nina Mahmoudian, who specializes in mechanical engineering at the university, as saying that “the main focus of the study is on robots that perform tasks in challenging environments,” adding that “there are no more challenging environments than deep The seas. “

Mahmoudian confirmed that she has already created algorithmic equations that allow the coordination process between robots and mobile platforms in order to activate a system that includes more than one robot and more than one mobile platform, so that robots can rotate to use the platforms independently and without any human intervention, which allows the possibility of expanding the scope of research and exploration in regions Certain.

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