New “Apple” … a feature that converts handwriting into printed text


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Company floatedCamel“The American” new feature called “Scribble”, through which users of “iPadOS 14” devices, can convert handwriting into written text.

This feature can be tested by opening the “Notes” application, clicking on the pen symbol and selecting the pen marked with the letter “a”. Once the handwriting pen is selected, the user can write something, and with her intent, he will see how the handwriting will be converted into written text.

This feature is fast enough to convert handwriting on the go, which is very useful for people who jot down quick notes or quickly prepare a grocery list even if their handwriting is poor.

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And if you circle a word using the pen and highlight it, options such as cutting or copying will appear, and it is also possible to write an address using an Apple pen handwritten in maps and search for its location.

In the event that the user does not have an App pen, the “Logitech Crayon” pen will do the trick, knowing that there is no support for “Scribble” in Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

The new feature can be activated by default in “iPadOS 14”, and there is an option to turn it on or off, and that is by opening the Settings application – by scrolling down – selecting Apple Pencil, and then selecting the switch next to Scribble.

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