New requests for unemployment aid and stalled negotiations for the economic stimulus plan + video


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At a time when the US economy is struggling to get out of the crisis caused by the outbreak of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Ministry of Labor revealed that 840,000 new applications for unemployment assistance were registered last week, a number close to the number of the previous week.

Another 465 people have applied for aid as part of a special program established during the pandemic, and they are usually not eligible for assistance..

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin were negotiating an economic stimulus plan to replace the $ 1.2 billion Cares Act, which could prevent job losses by providing assistance to companies, in addition to increasing assistance for the unemployed. the work.

This is while President Donald Trump abruptly canceled the talks earlier this week, but reversed the decision amid bipartisan outcry and business leaders, arguing that he saw a good opportunity to reach an agreement with Democrats in Congress..

During the last period, the US economy witnessed a package of indications of recovery and the creation of new jobs, but this did not prevent the increase in the number of unemployed amid the disruption of stimulus packages, which were the source of optimism of many companies, including the aviation sector, as Pelosi confirmed that she will not support a plan to support this. The sector in case the White House and the Republicans in Congress did not reach a broader economic recovery plan.

Pelosi told the House of Representatives: “Let me be very clear: I was very open to supporting an independent law for airlines, or for it to be within the framework of a broader law … but no independent law without a broader law.”

Nancy Pelosi wants a broader economic support plan that includes aid for families, companies, local authorities and various public agencies. The cost of this plan is estimated at two hundred billion and two hundred million dollars at least..

For more, watch the attached video..

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