Oppo unveils a distinctive phone model with a rotatable screen known as the Oppo X 2021


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Oppo revealed during its annual Inno Day conference a model for a distinctive phone with a rotatable screen, which is known as the Oppo X 2021.

The Oppo Inno Day event is launched annually with new technologies from the company, and this year is not different either, as the company showed its vision in the design of the phone with a rotatable screen.

The rotatable Oppo X 2021 features a variable screen size between 6.7 and 7.4 inches, which is one of the features that can better support developers and users, as Oppo showed the ability to click on a link for video content, for example, where the screen width to height is adjusted according to For video content.

The screen comes in a 6.7-inch rotatable phone model, which is an OLED screen, and this screen supports panels with a more powerful design to the bottom of the main screen, which features a thin design up to 0.1 mm thickness, while the outer layer of the screen comes with a plastic design according to expectations.

Screen rotation supports motors at the bottom, to finally achieve a rotatable screen without any crease in the screen, so this design addresses the problem of folding the screen in current versions of foldable smartphones, which shows the location of the screen folding with a wrinkle so far, while the motors work on Control the size of the screen to distribute the display at the end into two equal parts.

The design for Oppo X 2021 is also characterized by a rotatable frame, which includes a fixed frame and a moving frame, and the screen comes with a layer of metal panels that provide a more efficient design in support of the phone and avoiding damage to the screen.

It is reported that Oppo has not confirmed that the Oppo X 2021 will enter the mass production stage, and some changes are also expected to be made to the design of the phone when moving to the implementation phase on the ground.

Source : vistabuzz

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